Painting / Screenprinting

Kater D.

Kater D.

Katharina Diezl was born in Vienna in 1988.

After graduating from a college and studying fashion at the University of Art
Linz/Vienna Hetzendorf, the artist finally decided to follow her true passion, the
Art. Since 2016 she was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in
of the graphics class, first under Veronika Dirnhofer, from 2017 under the direction of Christian Schwarzwald and graduated with honors in June 2022.

In her artistic work, technique and materiality constantly vary. What remains the same
is the intuitive stroke and a conceptual elaboration of themes of their immediate
The basis for the mostly serial work is an extensive, constantly growing
Photography, sketchbook and material fund.
Memories, textiles, paper, hair (mostly from cats, sometimes your own), photos,
Colors, silkscreen and digital prints grow together to form collages and tell a
thematically specific but nevertheless abstract story.

KATER D. lives and works in Vienna.