Since the release of the platform in 2019, KAH has been present at national fairs and is increasingly positioning itself internationally. Indeed, our increased fair presence allows us to connect with collectors*, galleries, and other projects. Moreover, by representing young art, we bring more diversity to the existing range of fairs and at the same time offer emerging artists a potential market entry. By participating in fairs, we can expand our network beyond Austria and thus offer our artists the opportunity to become visible on the international market.

Art Austria Highlights 2021



At Art Austria Highlights 2021 we present three female work complexes by the artists Eva Eichinger, Lisa Breyer and Alice von Alten. On an additional presentation area we show a Petersburg hanging with works by Olivier Hölzl, Maximilian Welz, Sebastian Rzepa, Jari Genser, Axel Schindler, Ronas Kloss, Ömer Kaplan, Neshat Farila and Rudolf Fitz.

Artworks at Art Austria Highlights 2021