KAH Kitchen

The mediation online is supported on the one hand by the public archive and on the other hand by the KAH KITCHEN premises, which opened in 2021 and hosts monthly exhibitions. Consisting of a renovated factory loft with equipped kitchenette, our ambition here is also to create an inclusive inviting space by combining art and culinary arts.

Ana Loureiro & Zhanina Marinova


10.03 - 19.03.2022

Opening hours:

Vernissage Thursday 10.3. 19Uhr
Thursday 10 - 17Uhr
Friday 15 - 19Uhr
Saturday 12 - 18Uhr

What are the boundaries between real and unreal? Is our perception of a space accurate to the reality? Or is it a subjective construction imbued with our emotions and personal experiences with it?

These are some of the questions addressed in the works of Ana Loureiro and Zhanina Marinova in the exhibition “Intangible spaces”. The artists present two different perspectives of constructed realities. Loureiro’s body of works are based on written descriptions of a room and some of its objects provided by a participant. On the other side, Marinova dives into her own imagination and using it a resource to materialize her own reality.