Flixbus 20€ / Vienna – Berlin

The two capitals have always been connected by the diversity of fantastic artists and a thriving contemporary art scene. This is also the reason for the connection between KAH and the Berlin artist-in-residency agency Glogauair. The exhibition concept Flixbus 20€ first showed works of Viennese artists in the rooms of Glogauair, the second exhibition in the rooms of The Dessous connected and presented these same exhibitions with positions of female artists living and working in Berlin.

Exhibiting artists:

Sebastian Rzepa, Rudolf Fitz, Eva Maria Zangerle, Markus Tozzer, Axel Schindler, Corinna Wrana, Bings, Hola I Chau, Jari Genser, Clara Gross, Nadin Nebel and Ines Kaufmann.