Frame Workshop

In order to simplify the installation of purchased works on paper for customers, we also offer high-quality solid wood frames with museum glass in addition to works of art. If necessary, we are also happy to provide custom-made frames according to the ideas of our customers. The frames are handmade by a local master carpenter. Therefore, artworks can be framed directly by our expert team after purchase on site or in our webshop.


  • Who & How

    Our local frame maker, whose workshop is located in the same building as the KAH showroom, makes the individual frames from wood with the FSC seal. The transport routes are therefore very short and visitors are also offered a look behind the scenes of a frame workshop if they are interested.
  • Value

    From simple wooden frames to shadow gap frames, we produce everything for works on paper and canvases. We are also happy to manufacture custom-made frames, such as object frames with pronounced depth, to give materials such as handmade paper a full expression.
  • What - Material

    The materials we use range from standardized mouldings to European walnut to oiled oak and are available in white, black or natural colors. For our frames, we always use anti-reflective museum glass, which is colorfast and offers up to 92% UV protection. In order to create a distance between the glass and the work, a spacer bar can also be installed to protect the work in the case of originals.

You can find frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers about printing and Printerhof here. If something still remains unanswered, you can also contact us by phone or e-mail.

On the one hand, there is the possibility of all paper works with standard dimensions to order the frame immediately via the homepage. If the work has a special size or your ideas go beyond our online proposal, you can write to us at or visit us in the store for personal advice.

For canvas works we recommend a shadow gap frame which we also offer in various designs. You can either view our molding samples in the store or we will be happy to send you a mockup with shadow gap frame for your work.

It is also possible to have works framed by us that were not purchased at KAH. However, there is a special processing fee depending on the size.

Each work is first wrapped in bubble wrap, then edge protector and then packed in carton. We ship with Austrian Post which is why Fragil inscription is only possible nationally.

We produce together with a local frame maker, who has opened a branch of his regular frame workshop in our company.

We produce only solid wood frames with stripes from Italy with museum glass that is UV ray resistant, so that your work even years later does not lose color intensity. In addition, the frame is installed on the back with wet tape so that no dust can enter the work.

We can install the work in the frame in two possible ways. Either exactly to the edge of the frame. Or we fix the work with acid-free wet adhesive tape on a passe-partout back wall so that there is distance to the frame edge all around. We call this process free-floating mounting, in which the work retains its organic form and does not lie directly on the glass.

In principle, any work can be installed in a frame with a spacer bar, the distance from the glass gives the work more space and thus creates visual depth. This type of frame is really necessary, especially for originals that were made with oil pastels, for example. If such a work rests directly on the glass and is exposed to direct sunlight, there is a risk that the oil pastel will bond with the glass and damage the work when it is removed from the frame. That is why we sell originals in our store by default only with spacer bar.