MYX – Gelitin


Gelitin Art at bulding site
Year of origin 2020
Dimensions 10m x 4m x 5m
Colour Green
Technic Sculpture
Material Metall, Styropor and Epoxyresin

MYX is a three-dimensional, colorful sculpture that provides the students with a mascot. As a kind of identity-forming superbeing, it is intended to accompany the young people and help them cope with everyday school life. It is meant to appeal to the imagination, humor and lightness that are needed in addition to learning and working. It also stands for the courage to think and create something extraordinary – beyond the “norm” – and allows a playful approach to mythology, literature and deductive thinking. The title MYX derives from the word “myxa” (Greek for “mucus”), alluding to the doctrine of bodily fluids in which the ancient world located humor.

KAH was involved in the realization of MYX since the selection of the design by the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (Federal Real Estate Company) and was allowed to supervise and execute the project both in the conceptual realization as well as the construction.

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