Eirini Tiniakou

Eirini Tiniakou

Eirini Tiniakou hat einen BFA MFA von der Athener Schule der Schönen Künste, Griechenland. Derzeit studiert sie für ihren zweiten MA an der Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Abteilung Kunst & Wissenschaft. Sie ist in Wien und Athen ansässig.

Eirini is currently researching a project which is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Austria. While she recently joined the Hermitage Sycaminea team in Lesvos (GR), an initiative for art and commons. There, she also did a residency, supported by the Finnish Institute of Athens and in autumn she completed a residency program in Birca and Naxos. The latest group shows include “Chambre d’Ami·xes” at Laurenz Space and “Project InBetween” at The Dessous (AT) in 2021. Finally, during her ASFA years, she had the opportunity to perform in documenta14 for Ibrahim Mahama and attended Omer Fast and Haike Schuppelius’s workshop “Disappearance”.

Her practice is field-research-based, involving a mixture of documentation and imaginary approaches. The subjects mainly address themes of countryside living, tradition/mythology on a search to re-set our connection to the land and the self. Her work often employs textiles, photography, and text which occasionally transforms into writing.