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Our video series Im Atelier visits artists we have in our program and shows the stories and people behind the works we represent.

Peter Tauber im Portrait

Peter Tauber at his Studio

At the Studio with PETER TAUBER Peter Tauber comes from Budapest, lives + works in Vienna and runs the label Rostbrand.Here he combines his works from the fields of painting, objects, photograph...

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Barbara Moura im Portrait

Barbara Moura at her Studio

At the Studio with BARBARA MOURA Barbarba Moura deals in your painting with uncomfortable topics. These range from her own emotions and experiences to socio-political issues. Barbara always conscio...

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Kinga Jakabffy im Portrait

Kingas Grapes at her Studio

At the Studio with KINGAS GRAPES Kingas Grapes portrays people without a “mask”, she captures in her work what she herself calls “the rawest moment of a person”. In her artist portrait she tells wh...

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Ben Reyer im Portrait

Ben Reyer at his Studio

At the Studio with BEN REYER Ben Reyer makes collages. He cuts, glues and thus creates abstract connections between things that you would otherwise not see. How he came to this, what influences him...

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Twan Geissberger im Portrait

Twan Geissberger at her Studio

At the Studio with TWAN GEISSBERGER Twan Geissberger deals intensively with the themes of origin and identity in her work. Twan abstracts for this landscape paintings and portraits, furthermore she...

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Printerhof im Portrait

At the Printerhof

At the .. PRINTERHOF In our printing studio KAH-PRINTERHOF we constantly produce new screen prints on paper or textile in dimensions up to 120 x 150 cm as well as fine art prints. The printing work...

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Jari Genser im Portrait

Jari Genser at his Studio

Im Atelier mit JARI GENSER Jari Genser works analog with various materials and scales his works to large and small formats. Why the classical craft of the painter does not necessarily require a cla...

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Anja Kusturica im Portrait

Anja Kusturica at her Studio

At the Studio with ANJA KUSTURICA Architect and draftswoman Anja Kusturica gets the inspiration for her works in the public transport of Vienna. In her drawings, space and perspective come together...

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Axel Schindler im Portrait

Axel Schindler at his Studio

At the Studio with AXEL SCHINDLER Axel Schindler produces his work both analog and digital. From detailed monochrome illustrations implemented on various materials to acrylic on canvas, wall desig...

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Johanna Wakolbinger im Portrait

Johanna Wakolbinger at her Studio

At the Studio with JOHANNA WAKOLBINGER Johanna Wakolbinger, graduated from the master class at the Graphische, paints mainly impulsive abstract. In her paintings she works on emotional worlds and m...

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Ruin im Portrait

Ruin at his Studio

At the Studio with RUIN RUIN is known to many as a fixture of Vienna’s street art scene, but does not allow himself to be pinned down to this genre. His works can be found on walls all over Europe,...

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Justas Pranevicius im Portrait

Justas Pranevicius at his Studio

At the Studio with JUSTAS PRANEVICIUS Born in Lithuania, Justas Pranevicius lives and works in Vienna since 2013. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in monumental painting from the Vilnius Acade...

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Linda Steiner im Portrait

Linda Steiner at her Studio

At the Studio with LINDA STEINER The young East Tyrolean artist Linda Steiner provides an insight into her studio. Already in her school days she began to draw, after an education at the Graphische...

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Carlo Zappella im Portrait

At the Studio with CARLO ZAPPELLA

At the Studio with CARLO ZAPPELLA Carlo Zappella studies photography at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Already at a young age he was occupied with cameras and began to shoot his first sh...

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Manuel Skirl im Portrait

Manuel Skirl at his Studio

At the Studio with MANUEL SKIRL Manuel SKIRL`s initial tags have now evolved into abstract paintings and murals. He works on a variety of media, he is inspired by forms that he encounters in everyd...

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Rudolf Fitz im Portrait

At the Studio with RUDOLF FITZ

At the Studio with RUDOLF FITZ Rudolf Fitz lives and works as a freelance artist and graphic designer in Vienna. In his works he processes the impressions he has collected around the old nostalgi...

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Sebastian Rzepa im Portrait

Sebastian Rzepa at his Studio

At the Studio with SEBASTIAN RZEPA Sebastian Rzepa paints puristically and intuitively. He focuses on large formats in order to be able to move as freely as possible on the canvas. Typography is an...

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Ronas Kloss im Portrait

Ronas Kloss at his Studio

At the Studio with RONAS KLOSS We visited the Vienna based artist Ronas Kloss in his studio. In his artist portrait you get an insight into Ronas creative process. In the full 5 minute interview we...

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Matthias Ramsey im Portrait

Matthias Ramsey at his Studio

At the Studio with MATTHIAS RAMSEY Matthias Ramsey studied painting at the University of Applied Arts. His artistic work is closely interwoven with topics of biology, not least through his zoology ...

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Markus Tozzer im Portrait

At the Studio with MARKUS TOZZER

At the Studio with MARKUS TOZZER Markus Tozzer dropped out of the painting class at the Angewandte and is glad he did. In his intuitive creative process he also surprises himself again and again – ...

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