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Street Art

Paul Busk


    Paul Busk

    Hardly any other street artist has had such an impact on Vienna’s cityscape in the last decade as BUSK. The well-known monkey head motif and the lettering BUSK and CMOD are present in numerous urban gray areas, on exposed walls, on busy streets or in hidden corners. The name BUSK, which means street artist in English, as well as the abbreviation CMOD for “City Modification” are programmatic: as visual traces, they not only denote an actual crossing of boundaries of construction site fences, barriers of abandoned places, dizzying heights or hidden outer zones of the city, but also a constant breaking of new ground with regard to the materials used and the forms developed.

    Spray paint, ballpoint pens and markers are used as well as printed black and white posters, folded paper, stickers or glued stones, wood and fabric. To discover the large-format to very small word and image games, one often has to take a step back or forward, or direct one’s gaze upward and in unusual directions.

    BUSK developed his passion for typography, character sets, fonts and typefaces through graffiti as early as 1995. Initially, he focused primarily on handwritten type and its characteristics. Fascinated by how much of a person’s personality can be virtually stored in a single character written by him, BUSK went on to study the historical development of writing systems and styles.

    Today, CMOD/BUSK has long since become a logo and a brand. Thus, the Viennese is not only engaged by various companies to design interiors, posters, vehicles or record covers, he has also long since created his own “products”, such as T-shirts, skateboards or small wooden boards with the monkey’s head, which are traded on the Internet or at various art events as “cult objects”. He has also been invited to participate in art exhibitions in Vienna, Bucharest, Innsbruck, Milan, Salzburg, and New York.