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KAH Production


What we do

In addition to art communication, the diversely trained KAH team also takes care of various commissioned crafts. These include steel construction, wood construction, styrofoam or stonemasonry work, which also allow us to collaborate with larger construction projects. This is because elements of artistic design are often required for government construction projects or classic “art at building site” works. Here KAH takes over construction management and logistics as well as the technical implementation and consulting of the clients.

Recent Projects

In addition to digital and physical art mediation in the showroom, we not only position ourselves at international fairs, but also organize exhibitions and special projects with our artists. For example, we have already used an original copy store at the Naschmarkt as a pop-up store and a showroom at the Schottentor subway station. We also curate exhibitions in and outside of Austria, which gives our artists international visibility.

Inquiries at:

OPAK - Pop up Gallery at 1010

"Transparency" - a promise with which politics and business advertise, but which is rarely kept. The art market in particular has settled into the gray area of obscurity. Information such as prices and available works are distributed unevenly by galleries or dealers. They are precise tools with the purpose of mystification and sales optimization. The exhibition OPAK takes on the tensions of transparency in a month-long pop-up exhibition.
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MYX - Gelitin

MYX is a three-dimensional, colorful sculpture that provides students for a mascot.
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Flixbus 20€

In two exhibitions in the metropolises of Vienna and Berlin, the exhibition 20€ Flixbus takes on the individual characteristics of the major cities without limiting itself to them.
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KAH at the Naschmarkt

The Pop Up Store in a former copyshop on Kettenbrückengasse gave us the opportunity to present our selection from the 16th district in the inner districts of Vienna in November and December 2020.
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U2 Schottentor

The exhibition concept entitled " Deine Suche endet hier" at the Red Carpet Art Award Room Schottentor. With contributions by Ben Reyer, Anna Pelz, Rudolf Fitz and Barbara Moura.
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Collectors and Friends Dinner

"Blood, Sweat and Soy Sauce" connected art and culinary with collectors and friends over three evenings.
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In rampant covid pandemic times, the show has embraced new systems of exhibiting to give visibility to young contemporary art.
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